11 Sight Word Activities for Beginner Readers

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Reading is a huge skill for little learners. Although it can be challenging at times, it such an exciting accomplishment for kids. Sight words are a huge part of early reading skills. To ensure your students will learn these words, use engaging sight word activities in your classroom.

No need to search online for countless hours for sight word activities! Below are some of my favorite activities that I want to share with you! Each resource includes Fry’s First 100 sight words!

Popcorn Words- Sight Word Visual Aid

Create a fun corner of your classroom with these sight word popcorn words. This resource provides you multiple ways to organize these sight words. You can organize them by the first letter of the alphabet.

Or, you can organize them by the introduction of the words!

I love using these popcorn words in my classroom. I hold a popcorn party in the class when we all learn to read and spell our popcorn words!

Password of the Day

Your little learners will do ANYTHING to learn the password of the day! Give high fives or air high fives as your students walk in to class. But before they can enter, can they spell the password of the day correctly? Place a small piece of velcro on the circle of the sight word mat.

Write the Room Editable Sight Word Activity

What I love about this activity is that it’s EDITABLE! The second thing I love about this activity is that it gets my learners up, out of their chairs and moving around. Use this activity within your classroom, in the halls of the school or head outside for warm weather learning. Send them on a little scavenger hunt for sight words. Once they find a sight word, they read it to a partner and write it down on the printable!

Sight Word Practice Sheets

There is a time and place for a worksheet! These practice sheets are perfect to send home for extra practice. There is a printable for each of Fry’s 100 sight words. Students recognize and circle the chosen word, practice writing the word, and using it in a sentence.

Sight Word Flipbooks

Not only do your learners practice reading sight words, they also learn reading using pictures. Using pictures while reading is very important for young learners as they experience brand new words. Each sentence contains a sight word along with pictures and words that fit the sentence. Print it on colored paper or white paper and allow your little ones to color it on their own.

Sight Word Paper Hats

Probably one of my favorite sight word activities! These sight word hats can be worn all throughout the day and taken home to show off. Or use them for a fun game in the classroom! There are so many ways you can use these hats and have so much fun!

Read, Make and Write Practice

This is a great small group activity to practice sight word spelling and recognition. Print, cut out and laminate the mats. Use letter blocks or the letter cards included as a hands on approach to spelling. A dry erase marker is perfect to use when writing each word.

Sight Word Smart Watches

Your class will be STYLIN’ between the sight word hats and sight word smart watches! Again, there are so many ways to use these watches and hats together. Have a speed game with them or a fashion show! The ideas are endless!

Sight Word Alphabet Fries

You might want to wait for this activity for after lunch! This sorting game can be used as a literacy center or an interactive word wall. Learners will place each French fry in the correct letter pouch to sort them by beginning sound.

Sight Word Color by Code

You know what’s great about these coloring sheets? They’re editable! Use them for sight words or even for your weekly spelling words! Send these home for a quick review or for desk work when you need the classroom to be quiet.

Sight Word Sentence Posters

It’s one thing to know how to spell sight words. But it’s so important to use them correctly in sentences. Place these sentence posters in your room as a great visual for your learners.

Pick and choose what sight word activity works for you and your learners. OR you can purchase the Sight Word GROWING Bundle! I’m still adding more activities so until it stops growing, you can get it at a discounted price!

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