2D Geometric Shapes

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One of my favorite units to teach is 2D geometric shapes. We introduce geometry at an early age just by teaching our little ones how to draw shapes. Then, we ask them to identify them in our every day world. When they reach kindergarten, we take the learning to a new level and I love seeing the excitement in their eyes when they learn something new!

A Math Block that Works

In order to see results in your learners, you must have a strong math block. The days where our students sit in rows and listen to a half hour lecture are over. Our learners move around the room, work in partners, and study in small groups. The whole group lessons last just a handful of minutes to avoid learners to lose focus. A strong math block consists of the following:

  • Engaging mini-lessons
  • math centers
  • independent practice
  • visuals throughout the room

Engaging Mini Lessons

Mini lessons are just that; mini and short. It’s enough time to teach a small portion of the lesson without losing the focus of an entire class. Each mini lesson builds on each other. Most of the time, I include a picture book with a quick lesson that ties with it.


Math Centers

This is the favorite part for my learners in the classroom. They get to pair up with a friend, work in groups or work alone. During this time, they practice skills taught in mini lessons and small group instruction. The math centers for this unit focus on sorting and identifying 2D geometric shapes.

Interactive Notebook

I love interactive notebooks for my classroom. They have so many benefits to using them in your classroom. I use them in my small group lessons along with sending learners back to their desk for independent practice.


Visuals Around the Room

Have you heard about teachers not putting anything on their walls at the beginning of the year? I’m that teacher! Because by the end of the year, my walls were covered by everything we learned throughout the year. Visuals are so important, whether they are anchor charts, posters, or word walls.

A Freebie for You!

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