3 Ways to Use a Word Wall

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Word walls…most classrooms have at least one.  How do you use these in your classroom?  Are your students utilizing the it daily, weekly, monthly?!?!  Here are 3 ways to get your learners using the word wall on a daily basis.

3 Ways to Use Word Walls

Write the Room:

This activity is a standard Word Work station in our classroom.  Students are able to write the room but using an alphabet page, thematic writing page or a blank paper or white board and tally up how many words they write at the end.

Alphabet Dictionary:

This is great activity for an alphabet word wall.  Students can draw, color and write the words to create a dictionary.  Whether your learners complete this during morning work, as a station or when they finish their work, it’ll be a hit and something that can take home at the end of the year.


These walls are a great resource for you learners and it is important to teach them how to use it and mini-lessons are a great time to do just that.  During reading or writing have them use the word wall to help them spell, complete alphabetical order, form a letter, etc.

What is your favorite way to use a word wall in your classroom?

3 Ways to Use Word Walls

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