How to Use a Math Block for 3D Solid Shapes

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You’ve covered so many units in math so far. Now, it’s time for the unit over 3D solid shapes! This is a fun unit because your learners will learn some big vocabulary words AND they will use those words every day as they relate them to real objects!

Create a Math Block

Your math block should be consistent every day. There are many ways to organize and plan your math block. I include the following:

  • An engaging mini lesson
  • math centers
  • independent work
  • visuals around the room

Engaging Mini Lessons Matter!

Mini lessons have to be intentional and engaging! They are very short in time, so the information you provide has to matter. I like to use interactive activities and a good book is always a good choice! Here are some of my favorite books over this unit:

Math Centers that Engage

Math centers are so important to use during your math block. It guarantees that students who are not meeting with teachers at small group tables are doing something engaging and productive. These 3D solid shapes centers are a great review from small group instruction and can be played independently or with a partner.

Independent Work is Important

Independent work is necessary in a math block. It provides a student a chance to show a teacher what they’ve learned during this 3D solid shapes unit. Assessments don’t have to be formal, but they do have to show what the student knows. A simple activity with a printable can work just fine, as long as they do it independently!

Visuals Around the Room

Visuals play a huge part in the learning process for our students. They rely on visual aids when learning something new. Provide them with plenty of visuals to help them understand 3D solid shapes.

I like to put them on my wall, my teacher table and in math centers to avoid disruptions while I’m teaching a small group.

You can try this FREE 3D Solid Shapes activity to use in your classroom TODAY by clicking the box below!

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