A Phonics Game: Alphabet Dominos

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Now that your child knows all of their letters, it’s time to move on to the beginning stages of reading.  Many parents are stuck at this point because flashcards are so outdated.  How can parents keep learning entertaining without pulling out those pesky flashcards??

The alphabetic principle is essential to the success of young readers.  Identifying letter names, learning formation and letter sounds can be done through a variety of games, printables and guided instruction. Phonics games are great way to practice the alphabetic principle including a phonics game that teaches beginning sounds.

Beginning Sounds Phonics Game Alphabet Dominos - MJCS

After young readers having an understanding of their letter names they can begin to practice their sounds.  As readers grow, in Pre-K and Kindergarten, it could be beneficial to teach multiple sounds together.  One game that does just that is Alphabet Dominos.

Beginning Sounds Phonics Game Alphabet Dominos - MJCS

This phonics game is easy to prepare and creates practice for beginning sounds in both small group and whole group settings.  Simply divide the dominos evenly among the players and place the ‘start’ piece on a table or carpet.



Beginning Sounds Phonics Game Alphabet Dominos - MJCS

Make the Most of the Phonics Game

Have the learners say the name of the picture and the sound it begins with.  Then, the players determine the letter that makes the correct sound.   If they have that letter have them place it on the domino train.

Beginning Sounds Phonics Game Alphabet Dominos - MJCS

My learners in the classroom and my sweet guy at home love playing this game and enjoy watching the train grow.  Alphabet dominos teach and review letter identification, letter names, and letter sounds.  This game can be played in 10-15 minutes which makes it a great choice for small group, RTI or literacy stations.

Beginning Sounds Phonics Game Alphabet Dominos - MJCS

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