All The Little Fathers: A Father’s Day Book

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My children are so blessed to have an amazing father. We are lucky that my husband is home most evenings to spend time with our family.  Since Grayson was born, my husband has given him a bath and put him to bed on most nights.  It’s a perfect trade off. He knows how hard I work during the day to take care of Grayson.  So it’s nice to have a little break in the evenings to unwind.
As he has gotten older, this time has become so special for the two of them.  Since our children spend the majority of their day with me, they relish the moments they have with their Daddy!  From splashing in the bath to bedtime prayers, they love every minute of it.

A New Favorite Bedtime Story

All The Little Fathers by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Marilyn Faucher tells the story of many fathers in the world.  Insects, lions, giraffes, monkeys, kittens and more. This book has so many examples of loving and caring fathers. It also shows how each of them show their love differently for their little ones.
However, the book ends in a way that reminds me of the memories my children will always have of their father. Putting them to bed at night is something very special.
This book is written with simple, repetitive text that will have your children reading along in no time (including sight words: all, the, & were).  And the illustrations are beautifully.  You will see so much detail and a variety of opportunities for counting, looking for colors and much more!

So, whether you are looking for a Father’s Day gift or just want to add a new book to you bedtime collection, be sure to check out All The Little Fathers and let the daddies tuck the little ones in tonight!!

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