Benefits of Fidget Toys in the Classroom

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Fidget toys–what is your first thought when you hear those words?  Fidget toys made an entrance into classrooms in recent years, and there are definitely mixed teacher feelings about them.  However, there are huge benefits of fidget toys in the classroom.  And if you introduce them correctly, they will work for you too!

What is a Fidget Toy?

Fidget toys became widely popular when the fidget spinner hit the market.  A fidget toy is anything that allows a child to ‘fidget’.   Usually a small toy that can fit in the hand of a small child with movable parts. 

Who Benefits from Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys are great for students who struggle to sit still for longer periods of time.  However, it can also help students in any situation.  You have a student who asks to go to the restroom frequently. As a result, they struggle to complete their work. Fidget toys are great for students who are under the ADD/ADHD and autism umbrella.  These toys are a great way to help them think without getting up too frequently, biting nails, etc.  

The Benefits of Fidget Toys

From what I’ve observed in my own classroom, all of my students benefit from fidget toys.  After I introduced them into my classroom, I had less students wandering around the classroom.  Students get their work done in a timely manner.  I had less students leave to go to the restroom.  And these little toys even encouraged my students to want to do the work!

Fidget Toy Favorites

My fidget toy basket changes every year, but there are definitely ones that show up year after  year!  You can buy a huge pack of various fidget toys, or buy individual ones.  These are some of our favorites in my classroom:

Pop Fidget Sensory Toy

Infinity Cube

Stress Balls

Fidget Chains

Wacky Tracks

Fidget Spinners

Mochi Squishy Toys

How to Introduce Fidget Toys

Just like any management tool, fidget toys should be introduced the right way. We do a lot of modeling. Next, I introduce my Fidget Tool Contract.  Any student who wishes to use a fidget toy must fill out this contract. 

This guarantees that each student understands the purpose of the fidget toy and will promise to use it correctly.  Any time a student wants to change their fidget toy, they must fill out the contract again.  My students understand that if they break the contract they lose their privileges.

This contract is a huge success in my classroom.  My students are better focused and they all agree to the expectations of fidget toys in the classroom!  There are great benefits to fidget toys in the classroom. You can download this Fidget Tool Contract by clicking the link below!

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