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If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would tackle a master’s degree while raising three kids, I would have called you crazy.  Yet, here I am!  I’m currently earning my Master’s degree, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I couldn’t put a hold on my love for reading any longer!

Back in the Classroom

So, I recently had an assignment on reading strategies for early learners, and one specific resource came to mind! Being an early elementary teacher requires a LOT of patience.  Their little minds are filled with so much information during such a short period of time.

Not to mention, learning to read is definitely a difficult skill for many students.  My guided reading lessons were centered around many reading strategies to help reading become more fluent.  Most of the books we used at my small group table were centered around a specific phonic rule. However, at some time or another, they came across a word that didn’t fit within the phonics rule.

That’s when I created some fun posters for my small group table that covered eight reading strategies for this specific purpose.  These strategies provided a way for my students to self analyze their reading and become their own problem solver.  It also helped boost their confidence!

A Little Improvement

This resource worked great and my students really enjoyed it but I wanted to give it a little boost. And a bookmark was the perfect solution! It not only served the same purpose, but made it possible for my students to take it with them wherever they went.

Here are some tips to make the use of these bookmarks run smoothly:

  1. For young readers, this is a new skill.  Modeling is an absolute must in order for these reading strategies to work effectively
  2. Use a paperclip or clothespin for a quick view of what reading strategy your student is working on to avoid distraction of questions
  3. Find prompts that will make using the reading strategies easier when you see frustration in your students
  4. Make sure the text your students are reading are on their independent level when using these reading strategies on their own.  Use their instructional reading level during your small group instruction for guidance.

To add this bookmark to your reading strategy kit, click on the link below!


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