Butterfly Life Cycle: Part Four

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This is the fourth and final post for my Metamorphosis for Little Learners series.  Grayson had a great experience watching his butterflies grow and change.
Life Cycle of a Butterfly: Part 4 - MJCS
He was so excited when the first butterfly emerged. We checked our butterfly garden continuously throughout the next couple of days until they were all butterflies.
Life Cycle of a Butterfly: Part 4 - MJCS
He helped give the butterflies sugar water daily with Daddy and even caught them drinking it a couple times.  I told him that the butterflies would soon be ready to be set free. We talked about how they would find their own nectar in flowers.  Once the fluttering was loud and constant it was time to set them free!
Life Cycle of a Butterfly: Part 4 - MJCS
Two butterflies flew away as soon as the garden was opened, but we were able to watch the other butterflies slowly make their way out of the garden.
Life Cycle of a Butterfly: Part 4 - MJCS
Providing this experience for my son has been wonderful. Seeing how much he enjoyed watching the caterpillars grow and change into butterflies is one I will never forget.
This won’t be the only time we do this activity together and I hope that you and your learners will be able to enjoy watching your caterpillars grow, too.  Find the entire series here.
Butterfly Life Cycle for Little Learners - MJCS


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