Butterfly Life Cycle for Little Learners

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The best way to teach little learners about life cycle is to experience first hand.  Experience the butterfly life cycle with your learners by watching caterpillars grow, form into a chrysalis and turn into butterflies.

Butterfly Life Cycle for Little Learners - MJCS

The cold weather has passed, which means the little critters are out and about. What a perfect time to get our Bugs and Insect Thematic Unit out to learn more about bugs!

Grayson learned so much from this unit. He felt like a big kid using all of the new vocabulary words. What better way to learn about our insects than a hands on experience with a life cycle.

He got up every morning eager to learn more. Each step in the cycle started with lots of observing, and then ended with some fun activities to show our understanding.

We documented each cycle with some fun blog posts below! Just click on each picture to find out more!

Life Cycle of a Butterfly: Part 1 - MJCS

Part One: Our caterpillars arrived in the mail! We spent the day setting up our learning area, and Grayson spent a ton of time just observing.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly: Part 2 - MJCS

Part Two: Caterpillars eat A LOT! This is where we watch them eat and put on a few ounces to go to the next stage of the butterfly life cycle!

Life Cycle of a Butterfly: Part 3 - MJCS

Part Three: The Chrysalis phase! Such a fun part of the life cycle. We don’t see the actual change happen inside this chrysalis, but it’s still fun to watch!

Life Cycle of a Butterfly: Part 4 - MJCS

Part Four: Butterflies are here! Find out about all the excitement!


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