Capital Letters Chart

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One of my favorite reasons of being an educator is to see the the academic growth in my students. I watched my students come in as early readers and writers to reading books and writing their own short stories. Readers and Writer’s Workshop played a key part in my students’ success. But to make it successful, you need to have the right tools and supplies! My students used my capital letters chart all the time!

Can Go Anywhere!

My students had access to this chart in multiple areas of my classroom for many reasons. I placed a copy in their writer’s workshop folder for independent revising and writing. My students found this chart at my small group table, and they also found it in their writing centers.

Surprisingly, capitalization is a skill that many students don’t absorb early on and they can struggle with it later on. So, when my students see capital letters used correctly often, the better they absorb the information.

In Action

Sure. Sticking a chart in a folder or putting it around the room is easy. But will it be effective? With any resource, students must learn how to use it the correct way. Modeling is a must! Being the teacher, model how to use the capital letter chart while you’re writing. If you have shared writing in your class, this a fantastic time to show your learners just how to use this chart the right way.

Assessing your students can be quick and easy throughout the year. Don’t throw worksheets on their desk. Use an authentic assessment using their writing. When your learners write, have them circle their capital letters. They turn it in and it’s done! Then, you can take the next steps in helping them!

To grab this Capital Letters Chart, just click the download box below!

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