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No mom wants to do everything around the house. How many times have you committed to a chore chart for it to be a huge fail? In my home, we teach our children that we all contribute because we are family. I created these chore charts that my kids absolutely love. There are so many options to these chore charts that you can customize it to your liking!

What Does It Include?

You need a chore chart that is easy to use for your little ones. The goal of these charts is for your little ones to learn independence. It’s a great feeling when they learn to do things without being asked or shown. Believe me!

I’ve included eight main chore cards to use based on your specific needs. These include:

  • Learning Schedule Card
  • Today’s Schedule Card
  • Get It Done and Have Fun Card
  • Let’s Work Together Chore Card
  • Morning Chore Card
  • Bedtime Chore Card
  • Get Dressed Chore Card
  • Meal Time Chore Card

I wish I could list ALL the chores and activities that I’ve included, but it would be impossible. When I sat down to update this resource, I asked tons of moms what they want in a chore chart and chores that kids do in their home. I have chores that range from getting ready for school and bed, homeschool activities to after school activities.

It’s Editable!!

That’s right! Although the pictures aren’t editable, you can change the text to fit your needs. If you have a non-reader, just keep the image. Maybe you have a special phrase that your kids like and want to use it. I wanted to make this chore chart easy and versatile to use for all parents!

Easy to Assemble

There is no wrong way to assemble these chore charts. Simply choose what chore cards fit your family’s need. Next, edit each chore or keep them as they are. I like to print them on card stock and laminate them for durability.

If you plan on using these charts as your child grows, I suggest using double side tape or magnet tape instead of glue to secure each chore to the card. This way you don’t have to reprint them later on.

When your child completes a task, they place a star on that chore. I like to use Velcro dots for this. Once their chart is full, reward them!

You can find these chore charts in my TpT and MJCS Store!

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