Classroom Tips and Tricks to Get Organized

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I’m happy to get back to teaching this year! If you’ve been following me, you know I was a stay at home/work at home Mom for ten years. TEN YEARS! During the ten years, we grew our family of two to a family of five. I built a business around helping teachers bring joy and fun into the classroom. It’s been such a fun ride, but I’m ready for the next adventure. I’m teaching second grade this year and it’s going to be a great year! Take a look at my room and find some cool classroom tips and tricks.

Bright Colors Everywhere

I love bright. Bright colors, the bright sun shining through windows, and bright white walls. I am fortunate enough to have a large room with lots of windows! When I got to this room, it needed a lot of work. A coat of paint and a scrub down is just what this room needed!

I welcome my kids every morning at the door, and what better way than with a bright Welcome sign! Also, they choose how we greet each other every morning.

My Modern Colors Classroom

The minute I found out that I got this job, I immediately went to my computer to make my very own classroom decor. Again, I love bright colors, so I wanted to integrate a little of MJCS and some new colors. That’s when my Modern Colors Classroom came to be!

For Meet the Teacher, I placed bins along the wall for supplies! Later, I’ll move them to another part of the room for easy access!

This is my favorite of my classroom tips! Unexpected trips to the restroom are a given in any classroom. And the thought of a restroom pass going in and out of the classroom just makes me nauseous.

I used my Cricut™, my favorite fonts, and these push lights and created these fun restroom passes! I used strong, double sided 3M tape to keep them on the wall.

IKEA Classroom Finds

When people ask for classroom tips, I direct them to my favorite store-IKEA! There are so many IKEA products in my classroom that will help us with organization and consistency.

I threw out all of the old tables and brought in brand new, white table tops and legs.

You’re probably thinking “where will the kids put their supplies?” I bought each table these 3 level carts for just that!

This ensures that my students have what they need when they need it. The top basket is for pencils, scissors, glue, crayons, markers and colored pencils. The second basket is for work folders-whatever work they need to finish, and the bottom basket is for take home folders.

My Teacher Space

When my space is organized, I work better as a teacher. IKEA helped me create this space and I absolutely love it.

I bought longer table tops from IKEA to create an L shaped meeting space. I splurged on this table leg so I can keep some guided reading and writing supplies handy. I also added this ALEX drawer unit to my teacher desk to hold my supplies that I don’t need as much.

These black stools are a perfect size for my second graders. This is where we meet for guided reading and writing time. I love this storage cart for my documentation binders, guided reading and writing supplies.

As my students leave every day, they can see all of their amazing work displayed in the hall! This is such a fun way to display work without using a ton of staples in the wall!

I’m SO excited about my classroom this year. It might not look this neat and tidy by the end of the year, but I know that we will learn a lot more because I intentionally thought out and organized this space.

You can purchase my Modern Colors Classroom pack and get everything you need to run a well organized classroom!

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