How Classroom Transformations Can Engage More Learning

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Now that I’m back in the classroom, I’ve learned LOTS of things. Times have changed, and I’m so excited about it all. My team and I recently planned some fun classroom transformations to tackle the average, every day learning objectives that students tend to hate! Spelling and phonics are two of those objectives. We had such a great time during our Spelling Celebration! Check out what we did and grab the free resource below!

Transform your classroom when you need to re-energize your students!  This spelling party is a great way to get your students excited about spelling and phonics.  These games focus on phonics skills such as digraphs and vowel patterns along with traditional sight words.

Prep Your Classroom!

Decorate your classroom as little or as much as you choose! The point of classroom transformations is to bring some fun to those not so fun objectives. First, I started off by sending home invitations to all of my students. This is a great way to spark their interest!

After my students left for the day, it was time to transform my classroom into a spelling party! I created a large Spelling banner to place above my white board.

Next, I decorated like I would for any birthday party or celebration. Lots of balloons and streamers!

As you can see, I didn’t spend a ton of time decorating my classroom. You can do your classroom transformations as elaborate or as easy as you want! When my students walked in the next day, they were so excited!

Spelling Activities

This is where the learning begins. And my students had so much fun that they forgot they were actually learning!

Cluster Clowns focuses on our consonant clusters, like br-, cr-, fr-, etc. Students use the balloon cards to complete their balloons. Next, create sentences using the words on their balloons. Last, create their own clown, add streamers to the balloons and staple their clowns to their sentence sheets. These are great to put out in the hallway to show off learning!

Pick a Gift focuses on short vowel words. Students pick a gift, find the number at the top and write the correct word on the printable.

There are two ways to play Piece of Cake! The object of the game is collect 4 cards with the same vowel pattern. So, of course, this game focuses on vowel patterns.

Popcorn Party works on two things. First, students practice identifying and reading age appropriate sight words. Next, they practice writing sentences using the sight words, making sure they write sentences correctly.

The last activity is my favorite and I’m giving it to you for FREE! It’s called Digraph Ducks. I grabbed the game Lucky Ducks and transformed how we played it! I placed the digraph circle pieces at the bottom of each duck. To play, each student chooses a duck, looks under it and write a word using that specific digraph.

There is no need to go out and buy that game (but it really is a great game!) Use anything duck related! Rubber ducks work just fine. You can grab this game as a free resource below!



Ready to transform your classroom for your next spelling unit? You can grab my entire Spelling Celebration Transformation pack below as well!

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