Counting to 100

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Whether it’s the 100th day of school or your little learners enjoy counting, creating fun and engaging ways to practice counting can sometimes be a challenge.  We recently used a few resources from this FREE 100th Day of School pack and making the Froot Loop necklace was by far a favorite.  The kids loved counting to 100 with this activity!

Counting to 100 Froot Loop Necklace - MJCS

We have been using an abacus to practice counting and decided to change it up a bit.  By using Froot Loops and the hundreds chart we were able to use one to one correspondence as we counted together.

While we counted together we practiced counting by 10s and 1s when we lost count.  We simply counted the full rows of ten and added the ones from the next row.

Counting to 100 Froot Loop Necklace - MJCSCounting to 100 Froot Loop Necklace - MJCS

After we completed the hundreds chart it was time to make a necklace.  We used pipe cleaners to string the cereal on.  They are sturdy and easier for the little hands to use as they string cereal onto the pipe cleaners.

Counting to 100 Froot Loop Necklace - MJCS

Once the last cereal is strung on it is time to close up the pipe cleaners and wear the necklace.  You can grab this printable and other resources for counting to 100 and the 100th day of school here.

Counting to 100 Froot Loop Necklace - MJCS

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