Creative Ways for Safe Greetings in the Classroom

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When you walk into a classroom, you usually see kids moving around, conversing, working together or at their desk completing an activity. Teachers welcome their students at the door with high fives or hugs. However, during this pandemic teachers’ classrooms look very different. Teachers have to think of creative and safe ways to still bring fun learning into the classroom. And that includes providing safe greetings at the door.

Safe Greetings for Any Situation

Once this crazy time passes, you still might have a student that doesn’t like to have contact with others. This is a great alternative to welcoming any student at any time!

A Quick Mini Lesson

Just like any other year, the first few weeks of school are all about classroom routines and procedures. But when life throws a curve ball, teachers have to be on their toes and provide other ways to teach. Now, classrooms look different. Students are wearing masks, sitting further apart from each other and many are learning from home. But we still have to provide them with a safe, but engaging learning environment.

As a quick mini lesson, start your year off with these fun, safe greetings. Most teachers love to welcome their students at the door, and this still provides them that chance, but in a non-contact way.

Use this mini lesson time to model what to do and what not to do. All you need is a pocket chart and the cards included in this free resource. Pass out cards to students who would like to model in front of the class.

Hang this poster outside your door! When you meet a student at the door, they can hold up their number and you can still have safe greetings every day!

Grab these free poster and pocket chart cards for free by clicking the download button below!

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