Dinner on Us: A Back to School Teacher Gift

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Have I already said the first few weeks of school are chaotic?  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that here lately on the blog.  If you’re a first year teacher, hang on tight. These next few weeks will fly by, but will be pretty stressful.  As a former teacher, I know the headaches that come with the first few weeks of school. They are very rewarding weeks, but can put a lot of strain on our teachers. But I know I can do something about it and make it a little more bearable for those hard working teachers.

Dinner Is On Us!

Most people work a forty hour work week.  Teachers only wish they worked a forty hour work week, unfortunately.  Most years, I would pull sixty to seventy hour work weeks for the first few weeks.  I was sleep deprived, tired and stressed. I enjoyed getting to know my kids, but a classroom full of new kindergartners could wear anyone out!  There were many nights where I would come in the house and go straight to bed without dinner.  Some nights I would pick up food and take it back to my classroom.  My life centered around that classroom for weeks.  

 I can’t help but have empathy for my kids’ teachers.  They work so hard to make a great start to a school year.  So, if I can do anything to make their first week or two easier, I’ll do anything.  I’ve never had a teacher dislike this simple gift.

You can grab this FREE printable by clicking on the link below.  Have your little one sign it to make it even more special.  Just add your favorite fast food gift card, and you’ll have one happy teacher!

Need a few more teacher gift ideas?

I absolutely LOVE my Bubba Keg!  Grab one at your local sporting goods store and add this cute card to it!

What teacher doesn’t like movie and popcorn?  Add a Redbox gift card to this fun movie night gift and they will be very happy!

Need something simple, but fun for your child’s teacher?  An apple and a cute card is all your need to make your teacher smile on that first day!

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