Disguise a Turkey Class Project

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If only a turkey could talk..what would they say around this time of year? I’m sure we all know what they would say.  Try asking a kindergartener or first grader.  Even a second grader will make you laugh if you ask the same question.  That’s why I love this turkey project that I assign my students.  Our Disguise a Turkey class project is always a favorite of my students.

Start with the Book!

If you know me….you know I find a book for just about any topic.  Turkey Trouble had my kids rolling on the floor laughing.  Turkey knows that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  How is he going to get out of being the center Thanksgiving Dinner?  He’s going to disguise himself, of course!  This book not only makes kids laugh, but it gets their imagination up and running.  

After we finish the book, we go over the elements of the story–especially the setting. The setting  is so important in this story.  It provides me an opportunity to discuss why even something as small as the setting is important in a story (the teachers in the older grades will thank you!) 

Because we have so much to do in class, I send our Disguise a Turkey class project home with my students.  Their goal: make the turkey unrecognizable!  

There are no rules to this project.  The only rule is to not reveal any part of the original turkey! My students love the day they bring their projects to school. At the end of the day, I let each student show off their turkey and then we move them to the hallway for all to see!

You can grab this FREE Disguise a Turkey template by clicking the link below:

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