Energy and Movement

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From the vegetables that we eat to the soccer ball that flies down the field, the objects around us are full of energy. But how can we find that energy? Science is all around us, and can be very intriguing for our young learners! This unit is definitely something all learners want to know more about. Especially when we can’t see it!

Books on Energy

As you know, I love introducing a unit with a book. These are great books to have in your library for your unit!

Energy: Physical Science for Kids is a wonderful book to introduce the many types of energy. Your learners will feel like a big time scientist with the easy to understand vocabulary, experiments and beautiful illustrations!

Science Readers are always great to have in your library! The real life pictures are great visuals for your non to early readers. The simple vocabulary is easy to understand!

This one is my absolute favorite! A book that looks fiction is actually a non-fiction book on this popular unit! The illustrations are bright and colorful, and the story is easy to understand! Energy Makes Things Happen is a must for our library!

A Chart for Your Classroom

Just like the chart on force, this chart is a great tool to have on hand in your classroom. Another option is to print at a smaller size and have your students glue into their science notebook!

After you read the book to your class, send them back to their desks to illustrate how energy is made.

To grab both the chart and the printable, click the download box below!

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