Farm Fun for Little Ones!

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Farm Toys and Books for Babies and Toddlers- Mrs. Jones Creation Station
I love teaching little ones about farms during the fall harvest.  The weather is perfect for visiting local farms, petting zoos and pumpkin patches.  There is an abundance of farm toys and books out there, but today I want to focus on a few of my kiddos’ favorites…

Farm-Themed Toys…

Farm Toys and Books for Babies and Toddlers- Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Kynlee LOVES to play with our Little People Sounds Farms!  Grayson got this toy as a Christmas gift a couple years ago and it is great for teaching about farm animals, acting out life on the farm and learning animal sounds.
This is a great toy to experiment with force and motion for little ones.  Grayson loves to make the animals go down the ramp and there are additional toys that can be added to this ramp to teach different animal habitats.
We got this toy a couple years ago when we went to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.  The animals make sounds and it is a perfect soft toy for little ones.
Kynlee loves to take the animals in and out of the barn.
This puzzle is great for all ages…Kynlee loves to stack and knock down the blocks and Grayson and I create different farm animals!
If you have babies this is a great puzzle for you!  We bought a few of the jumbo puzzles when Grayson was a year old and they are perfect for tiny little hands.  This puzzle is specific for our farm unit and I love how easy it is for them to place the puzzle pieces into the right spot.

Farm-Themed Books…

Of course, I had to share with you my favorite books on farm life.  These are some of my favorites, however, there are so many more out there!

This book is a favorite in our house.  It has a cute truck, fun farm animals and a big dump truck!  Grayson is definitely into trucks these days, so I was happy to see a book on trucks AND farm life!
Farm books that make sounds are the best.  The kiddos can connect the animals to the sound they make…plus this book has a fun song to dance along with, too!
Another farm sound book…this book has more information about farm animals!
Babies love to touch and feel, and this book gives them just that.  Kynlee loves to flip through and feel the different textures from the farm.
5. Farm Babies
Rhyming books are the best and this book teaches your little ones about animals on the farm with fun rhymes, too!

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