Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Little Learners

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Father’s Day is just around the corner! Does your little one have a gift idea? I’ve got a few easy, age appropriate Father’s Day gift ideas for your little learners!

When you think of neckties, the first word that probably comes to your mind is “dad”. Of course, not all dads wear neckties! But they all probably own a few. When thinking of this gift idea, I had several ideas going through my head. Jared wears a tool belt to work. Other dads wear neckties. The necktie idea just worked better when creating this resource.

Have your learners simply think of all the things their dad does around the house: mow the lawn, feed the dogs, wash the car, etc. Write a ‘dad’ chore on each neck tie.

Stack each coupon tie on top of each other and staple to the shirt and tie outline! You have a fun, simple gift to give to Dad. Handmade gifts are perfect to little ones!

Father’s Day Booklet

Let’s continue with Father’s Day gift ideas! I love asking my students facts about their parents. Their answers are as sincere and serious as they can be, but the answers usually have me rolling on the floor laughing. This free printable is a great way to show dads how much their little ones know about them.

Simply print the booklet and let them answer each question independently. You may need to read each question aloud to your younger students.

I like to read one of my favorite books about dads on Father’s Day as well.

I Love My Daddy is a great book about a squirrel and his dad. Little squirrel is spending the day with Daddy squirrel and he can’t wait to show his dad all the cool things in the forest. But little squirrel soon realizes he needs his dad’s help throughout the day. It’s a great book about a special bond between a dad and a son.

Spoil Dad this year with these two great Father’s Day gifts! You can download the Dad’s Favorite Things printable for FREE below!

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