Fish Eyes Addition Math Game

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Combining books with your math instruction is a great way to get your learners engaged.  A simple read-aloud can easily be turned into a fun addition math game.

Fish Eyes Addition Math Game - MJCS

Thematic Unit

If you are planning on teaching a unit about the ocean, fish or even a camping unit, the book Fish Eyes by Lois Ehlert needs to be in your library.

This book is simple and fun for young readers and can be used for math as well as literacy.

Teach counting during your math block by introducing the new kinds of fish in different amounts. And during your literacy block, teach adjectives with ease using all the different kinds of fish described in this book. Pretty awesome, huh?!

Fish Eyes Addition Math Game - MJCS

Addition Math Game

Initially, I used this book to practice counting and sorting fish with little learners.  However, we needed a little more advanced math skills practice. So, we turned it into an addition game!

Fish Eyes Addition Math Game - MJCS

Prep Time

It is best to have your activity prepped and ready to go for your learners.  Now, there are a variety of ways to prep this math game but this is what has worked best for me.

Materials Needed:

To start, you will need to cut out and place a paper clip on the end of each fish. Then, just stick the fish in a bowl or tank.  You will also want to have the printables ready for your learners to use. Once that is finished, they are ready to get started!

Fish Eyes Addition Math Game - MJCS

How to Play

First, your learners must use the fishing rod to pick 2 fish from the bowl.  Next, have them write the addition equation on the printable.

They can use 2 different markers to draw a picture in each tank to help them solve the problem.

Fish Eyes Addition Math Game - MJCS

Get your free addition math game by clicking the download image below!

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