Five Senses Poetry Template

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Poetry gets a bad wrap? Don’t you think? It’s a bit intimidating, so it leads to teachers avoiding it whenever possible. However, there are so many fun ways to incorporate poetry into an early elementary classroom. Believe me, those upper grades will thank you for it! Start out with something simple, like this five senses poem template!

Incorporating Across Subjects

Using this template is a perfect way to teach the beginning steps of poetry. However, it’s also a great way to incorporate a standard across many subject areas. You can teach your five senses unit in science, introduce sensory writing in Writer’s Workshop and read about how authors use the five senses in their popular picture books.

When I taught first grade, I used this template along with my poetry journal and the kids loved it!

A Fun Extension to Writing

Again, poetry is a standard that is not pushed in younger grades, but really needs to be introduced. We call it a supporting standard here in Texas. We use poetry to support a larger standard. For example, first graders are required to use sensory language in their writing.

A perfect way to introduce sensory writing is by using great picture books, or mentor texts. Another great way is using this Five Senses poetry template that you can grab below!

Sensory language can be so hard to teach in writing, so why not break it down into a form of a poem? Before we started any story, my class and I would work in partners to complete this template. This way they worked a little on poetry and also have a list of sensory words to use in their stories.

To grab this Five Senses poetry template, you can click the link below! Check out my NEW poetry journal pack as well!

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