Football Math Center for Little Fans

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Football is here!  The boys in my house are rejoicing.  However, the Fantasy Football obsession I could do without.  This football math center is perfect for the football fans in your classroom.  Even better, the ways to use this activity are endless.

Football Math

Using learners’ interests to get them engaged is no secret.  The football lovers in your class will be thrilled to see football in their centers.

Putting in the time to create or find activities that get learners excited about learning is worth the time and effort.

Numeral Matching

Having learners match numerals is one way to use this center.  Simply place the football players in number order.  Next, have learners match each player with the correct football.

For an extension, grab a whiteboard and learners can practice writing their numerals.

Number Order

Next up, have learners put a set of numbers in the correct order.  Start by placing some of the numbers in order.  Have learners find the missing numbers and place them in the correct order.

Once learners are easily able to fill in the numbers it’s time to move on.  Then you can have them put all of the numbers in the correct order.

Don’t stop there!  Counting up is one skill, but counting down is another.  Have learners work backward by putting the players in order from greatest to least.

Free Math Center

You can grab this math center for free by clicking the MJCS download image at the bottom of this blog post.  Find more football centers in my store.


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