Force and Motion

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Force and motion have to be one of my favorite units to teach! First, you can teach it at any time of the year. Movement doesn’t happen at certain times of the year. It’s everywhere all the time! Second, it’s fun to teach because it’s hands on. And that’s what kids love. It keeps them engaged where they are soaking it all in!

Books on Force

For me, starting a lesson with a book is both beneficial and FUN! When I bring my learners to the carpet for a book, they know it’s time for them to relax and listen. This is a great way to introduce anything you’re about to teach, and then reinforce it daily with other books.

Forces Make Things Move by Kimberly Bradley is a fun book that describes all sorts of forces we see on a daily basis. From the playground to school, all the pictures and scenarios fit our children’s lifestyle!

Motion by Darlene Stille is another great one! It’s perfect when introducing the idea of motion and force! They will love the fun facts that are included throughout the book!

Forces by Andi Diehn is another one that I would use to introduce to introduce force and motion. The great illustrations and vocabulary along with fun experiments will keep them engaged and realize that science is everywhere all the time and not just in our classroom!

Force is What?

This unit isn’t something you’re going to have to re-teach long (if ever!). But to keep the meaning of Force fresh on their minds, place these charts throughout your classroom. You can also give each student a copy to keep in their folder or science journal.

And to see if they understand, as a quick informal assessment give them this printable. Ask them to illustrate and describe ways force is a part of their own life!

To receive both printables, just click the download button below!

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