Halloween Literacy Activity

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Creating engaging activities for your little learners will not only help them develop skills you have created for them, but it will make learning FUN!  Our initial sounds Halloween activity sort does just that and you can grab it for free, too!

Literacy Center Prep

I found these adorable boxes at Kroger and decided to create a center using the Lakeshore alphabet manipulatives we have at home.Initial Sound Halloween Sort

I placed all of the manipulatives in the cauldron I got at Dollar Tree and we reviewed the letters and their sounds together.  Time to start sorting!

Initial Sound Halloween Sort

Halloween Activity

There were a few times he got “stuck” on some of the objects.  I would never give him the answer or even really help him.  But instead, I said the word with the sound he chose.

Initial Sound Halloween Sort

For example, for “motorcycle” he said it began with /t/ (aside from the fact that he hadn’t noticed /t/ wasn’t an option, yet). I said “totorcycle”, causing extreme laughter and forcing him to rethink his answer.

Initial Sound Halloween Sort

He said the word slowly again and was able to determine it began with the /m/ sound.  Also he was able to correct himself  and determine the sound and which letter it belonged to.

Pumpkin Lanterns-43

Halloween Literacy Centers

Creating engaging activities like this center is perfect during the holidays.  Since Halloween is a sugar-filled week of hyper kids, giving them a new, hands-on and cute game to play makes a crazy week more manageable.

Initial Sound Halloween Sort

You can download this free literacy center and an extra printable by clicking the MJCS download image and waiting to be redirected to the resource in your browser.

Initial Sound Halloween Sort

More Halloween Fun

Want some more Halloween resources for your learners?

Differentiate your teaching with this Halloween math game.

Create Halloween art with some spooky supplies in your classroom.

Enjoy sensory exploration with a 00ey-gooey Halloween oobleck.

Bring some Halloween books into the classroom to share with your learners.


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