Fruit of the Spirit Bible Unit

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One of my favorite bible units is Fruit of the Spirit. It’s a unit that teaches our little ones how to treat others. If you’re a mom or a teacher, you know how important that is! My Fruit of the Spirit bible unit is perfect to introduce what God wants from all of us!

Not Your Traditional Bible Lesson!

I love teaching bible class at our church. Being an educator helps me bring more engagement to the Bible class. The days of sitting in a circle for a lesson with a coloring sheet are over. We need to bring fun, engaging activities back to our bible classes. The benefits will show as our little ones grow with their relationship with God!

Our learners are welcomed into the classroom with various toys-legos, play dough, and puzzles. This gives us time to welcome everyone and converse with parents if needed!

We open our bible lesson with a reading from the Bible and a picture book. I love incorporating non-biblical picture books in our lessons. It shows our little ones that God wants us to act a certain way no matter where we are!

More Engaging Mini Lesson

Bring more engaging activities to the lesson while you have your learners’ attention! I love creating songs that fit with the lesson. It helps little ones retain information in a more creative way! Each lesson in the unit comes with songs that are easy to sing!

Next, we move on to a whole group activity. Each week, the group activity is focused on one fruit of the spirit. Have you tried

For little learners, sorting activities are a hit. They love raising their hand to place a card in the right spot! Each lesson comes with a whole group sorting activity.

Smaller Groups

Breaking your bible class into smaller groups allows you to hold more fun activities in a shorter amount of time. Each table consists of an activity that goes with that specific lesson. Activities range from crafts to games to even coloring pages.

This nine week unit provides you with so many activities! Stop searching for hours to come up with nine weeks of material. This Fruit of the Spirit unit is done for you!

As an added bonus, you can grab my FREE Fruit of the Spirit Necklace! Just click the download below!

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