Garbage Truck Small World Play

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Little man LOVES garbage trucks and he has since he was 2 years old.  So, when it comes to creating engaging learning experiences for him at home…involving a garbage truck is the way to go.

Garbage Truck Small World Pretend Play Idea

As we hibernate this summer to avoid the over 100 degree Texas heat, I set up this Garbage Truck Small World for Grayson.  This simple and easy activity involves science, math, fine motor and real-life play.

Garbage Truck Small World Pretend Play Idea

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We have been learning appropriate vocabulary for difference textures and sorting so, while creating this small world I incorporated both recycling (beads) and trash (pom-poms).  This gave Grayson the opportunity to sort the materials while feeling and experiencing the different textures.  The PLAYMOBIL Recycling Truck is a great size for our train table, but we also have quite a selection to choice from…seriously, he LOVES garbage trucks!!!

Garbage Truck Small World Pretend Play Idea

I simply set up the garbage truck, recycling, trash and dump stations and let Grayson go to town!  He immediately began by feeling the different trash and devised a plan on how to keep them separate as he shoveled the garbage into the garbage can.

Garbage Truck Small World Pretend Play Idea

Emptying the garbage can is great fine motor practice for little ones!  Grayson began playing with these trucks at age 2 (with adult supervision).  Once the garbage truck was full, he would empty the garbage at the appropriate dump station as he explained why it is important to recycle and not throw everything in the trash!  Oh, how I love him!

Garbage Truck Small World Pretend Play Idea

This post is part of the Small World Pretend Play Ideas from A to Z series hosted by Still Playing School.  I will be sharing another idea later this month, so be sure to check back soon.  You can check out the other Small World ideas below…

Garbage Truck Small World Pretend Play Idea


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