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Sickness is no fun! All kids can tell you that. And winter is a tough time of year to be sick. It seems like every time I turn around there are more kids at Grayson’s school that have the flu or strep. Once our kids reach elementary school age, they start to understand when they don’t feel well. They can tell us their symptoms. And we want them to get well soon! I’m excited to share with you a fun Get Well Writing activity that gives students a chance to work on their cause and effect skills!

Get Well Writing- Mrs. Jones Creation Station

How Can We Tie This in to Standards?

What’s great about this activity is that it works for all levels of learners. From our beginner writers who draw pictures to our more advanced young writers who are writing sentences on their own.

I use this activity as a great cause and effect review for this time of year. Dental Health month is a great time to cover all types of health, so this is when I pull this activity out. Once this activity is completed, your students will understand the cause and effect of sickness and health. They can describe what it feels like when sickness is around the corner. And then, they can describe what to do to help them feel better.

Another great way to use this activity is to introduce text to self connections. The best part of reading a story is when I see little hands raised high in the air ready to share something they have in common with the story. Don’t get annoyed! It’s their way of showing you they comprehend the story. It’s the beginning of comprehension skills. I love reading Llama, Llama Home with Mama for our health units. Our little ones sure love having mama around when they are sick, so what a perfect book to help students make connections.

Once your learners make personal connections with ease, they will be ready to make connections through other books and then on to connections with the world! It is an easy way for them to show you they get what’s going on!

You can grab this FREE get well writing activity by clicking the download button below!


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