God’s Happy Campers: Good Samaritan Lesson

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The story of the Good Samaritan is a favorite of mine! It’s a great way to teach little learners how God wants us to love one another.  I love this fun camping version that allows the kiddos to act out the story before they read it from the Bible…

We began the class by having the little ones make their Camping Backpack Craftivity .  Then we met together for some singing and packed some of our camping materials.

Our Hike

After we were packed and ready to go, we hiked through the “woods”.  We then came across a hurt frog.  Oh no!  What should we do?  We went back to our Good Samaritan story and talked about how we could help this hurt frog.
We decided that we needed to help the frog before we continued to our campsite. First, we checked our backpack for some bandaids.  I happened to have a handy first-aid kit that had pre-cut bandaids with sticky-tack on the back perfect for our little frog’s injury.  Then, we gave the frog some water to drink from our canteens.

Since the frog was lost in the woods, we worked together to find his pond and took him there so that he would be more comfortable.

And, of course, we had to make sure the little guy had some yummy food to eat. So we gathered up some flies from the pond and placed them on his lilypad for later.

After the frog was all taken care of, we headed to our campsite. We decided to check on him later. But first, it was time for some s’mores!


While we were circled around the fire I read the story of the The Good Samaritan (or similar version from a children’s Bible). And we discussed how God wants us to help our neighbors just like the Samaritan did and just like we showed love to the frog.

We prayed that God would help us to love our neighbors and show kindness to everyone and that he would help to make the frog feel better.

After our s’mores and story by the fire, we hiked back by the pond and saw that our frog was better!  We were so excited to see that our frog was happy and healed.

A few tips and tricks…
*I created 2 different frogs by gluing them to paper bags to help them stand and had a helper switch the frog while we read the story
*Glue the fire to paper bags to create a campfire
*The s’mores we played with were Step2 Stack n Stay S’mores Cooking Kitthat I purchased at a discount store.
You can find this resources and other resources for this lesson {here}.

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