Assigning Google Slides ™ in Google Classroom ™

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Whether you are teaching from home or want your learners to complete an assignment during their technology time you may decide to use Google Slides ™ in Google Classroom ™.

Google Classroom ™ is a great way to assign different activities for learners to complete. But like most things, it can be a little tricky at first. So, let’s take a quick peek at what that looks like.

Getting Started in Google Classroom™

First, you will need to create a Google Classroom ™ account and add your students. You can sign into Google Classroom ™ with your school account or a Gmail account.

Then, you will need to create a class in order to post announcements and assignments. Finally, you will need to invite your students to join the class.

Now it is time to start connecting with learners using technology!

Assigning a Google Slides ™ Activity

Once your class is all set up you can begin posting announcements and assigning activities for your learners to complete.

First, go to the “Classwork” section on your classroom page. Then, select “Create“.

You will be able to add details for the assignment. The options include,

  • Title
  • Instructions
  • Points
  • Due Date
  • Topic
  • Rubric

Next, you have the option to attach a file for your learners to access. This is where you will attach the Google Slides ™ file from your Google Drive ™ account.

Simply select the file you want to use and click “Add“.

If this is an activity that learners will move objects or select a response you will want them to get their own copy of the activity.

To do this you will need to use the dropdown options and choose “Make a copy for each student“.

Once you have all the details and attachments included that you want for your learners you can click the “Assign” button.

What will learners see in Google Classroom™?

Once you assign an activity your learners will be able to see the assignment in the “Classwork” section of their classroom page.

If you put the assignment under a specific “Topic” when you created and added details it will show in that section of their “Classwork” page.

When the learner clicks “View assignment” they will see the details you input, the Google Slides ™ file and the “Turn in” button.

After clicking on the Google Slides™ file they will open their own copy to complete. For this digital learning activity, learners may input their name and move the check to the correct word for each picture.

Some activities may involve clicking a box and typing a response. Whatever you choose be sure to let the families know in the instructions or teach the learners the expectations prior to assigning an activity.

As students work the file automatically saves. This makes completing Google Slides ™ much easier for students to use!

Once learners have completed the activity they can go back to the assignment page and click the “Turn in” button. You will then be notified that the work was turned in for you to grade.

Graded an Assignment in Google Classroom™

The work was assigned by the teacher and completed and turned in by the student. Now what?

When you go to the assignment on the “Classwork” section you will be able to see what work has been…

  • Turned in
  • Assigned (not completed)
  • Graded

From here click on a student’s work. You will be able to view their completed Google Slides ™ assignment, as well as, grade and post private comments.

You can also post comments on the file itself if you would like to make a note on a specific section of work.

Once the assignment is graded you can click the “Return” button.

And that’s it! The student will receive their grade and Google Classroom ™ will track the grades for you.

What Activities Should I Assign?

Using Google Classroom ™ with little ones can be a challenge. However, once the procedures are in place students will be able to complete work with ease.

In order to take away much of the struggle that comes with completing assignments online, I have created digital learning activities in Google Slides ™ that are simple and easy for learners to use.

This bundle includes both ELA and math activities for little learners. In all of the activities, learners will

  • Type their name
  • Move a Check Mark OR
  • Type a Response

By keeping the activities simple learners can focus more on the content that each activity focuses on.

You can find these activities here or by clicking the image below.

You can grab this GROWING BUNDLE now for just $5 while schools are closed due to Covid19. I hope that this makes the unorthodox method we are delivering instruction easier for you!

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