Halloween Art Creation

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Playdough, pom-poms, wiggly eyes…the things dreams are made of right?!?!  Well, at least it is what some adorable Halloween art creations are made of!

Halloween Art- Invitation to Create

Grab a tray, fill it with all sorts of goodies for the kiddos to play and see what Halloween creations are created!  We included cookie cutters, play-dough, spider rings, pipe cleaners, pom-poms and wiggly eyes.  The Halloween art we created was so cute!

Halloween Creations - Invitation to Play

The kids had the opportunity to use their imaginations and create what they wanted.  They could use all or none of the resources that are provided.  What I wanted them to do was simply be creative.

Halloween Creations - Invitation to Play

Keep It Simple

Most schools don’t have weekly art classes for learners.  So, it is more important than ever to give learners the chance to have a free space to create their own art.  They need a change of pace from classroom where they are usually told how to do things.  In art, it’s open to the imagination. That’s why I want to introduce these fun art activities with my kids early!

Halloween Creations - Invitation to Play

I am not an artist and don’t feel entirely qualified to teach the subject at times.  But when my learners have the materials they need, they become artists in their own right.  When I go to Target or Walmart, I always head to the arts and crafts aisle to pick up a few things each time.  Most supplies are inexpensive, and we don’t use them all up at once.  So, our art supplies grow pretty quickly!

Halloween Creations - Invitation to Play

So get a tray of goodies ready. And see what art your learners create.  They will have so much fun showing off their own creations!

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