What the Font?

Have you downloaded or purchased editable resources from MJCS and wonder ” what the font ” is?  If you check out how to edit a resource using Adobe Reader you know that you have to install the fonts first.

This page is a quick guide for you to find the fonts you are looking for.  Just look for your resource, click the link and download!

Name Activities for Little Learners

KG Blank Space Solid

KG Red Hands Outline

KG Primary Dots Lined

Brights Classroom Decor

KG Red Hands Solid

Hello Hand Me Down

Dots Classroom Decor

Janda Manatee Solid

Hello Ali

Monthly Literacy and Math Centers

KG Blank Space Solid

Chicka Chase Scavenger Hunt

KG Second Chance Solid

End of the Year Diplomas and Certificates

KG Eyes Wide Open

All Homework Packets

Kindergarten, First and Second:

KG Cold Coffee

KG Lego House

KG Primary Dots Lined

KG Miss Kindergarten

Editable Sight Word Magnet Letter Center

Editable Sight Word Center Activity

 KG Blank Space Solid

Editable Report Cards

KG Blank Space Solid

KG First Time in Forever

Weekly Lesson Plan Template

KG Red Hands Solid

KG Neatly Printed

Beginning of the Year Teacher Gift

KG Miss Kindergarten

KG Blank Space Solid

KG First Time in Forever

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