Homeschool Classroom Favorites

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When you are homeschooling there are bound to be some items in your classroom you can’t do without.  I have a few homeschool classroom favorites that my kiddos and I use most often.

Homeschool Classroom Favorites


My favorite NEW find is this adorable clock that I found at Hobby Lobby…oh, HL how I adore you!!  This clock is perfect to help me stay on task during our homeschool time and it also is helping Grayson learn how to tell time…double WIN!

Homeschool Classroom Favorites

Lots of Writing Tools

Mr. Sketch, Flair pens, Expo markers for me and Crayola markers, crayons and colored pencils for the little ones.  These writing tools get used DAILY in our homeschool room.  I keep these tools within reach (mine and not Kynlee’s…I’m sure you can guess why) so that we are able to grab them when we are ready to write, draw or color.

Homeschool Classroom Favorites

Homeschool Classroom Favorites


Sometimes when our learning time begins I am just not ready…enter puzzles and flashcards.  Grayson LOVES puzzles and I LOVE the fact that these puzzles are right on track with what we are learning.  If I need to grab a few materials for our lesson, he gets to pick a puzzle to start our day.

Homeschool Classroom Favorites

These Touch and Feel Picture Cards are perfect to Kynlee, too.  If I need to focus on an activity with Grayson, I pick a stack of cards and Kynlee shows and reads them to her babydolls!  Language and vocabulary practice for my little two year old…CHECK!

Homeschool Classroom Favorites


In the classroom, I used chart paper everyday to teach and create a variety of lessons.  We don’t need a large flipchart in our small learning space, so I had my husband make a small flipchart out of PVC pipe (and, of course, spray paint).

We have our alphabet posters hanging and are able to review each letter, its initial sound and pictures whenever we want…easy peasy!

Homeschool Classroom Favorites


Whether I need letter tiles, wooden blocks, pattern blocks, or foam cubes I don’t have to go far.  I store our favorite manipulatives in some acrylic containers I picked up at Home Goods.  Easy to see and easy to use!

Homeschool Classroom Favorites

Homeschool Favorites - MJCS-11


Books are a must-have for ALL homeschool classrooms…that’s a no brainer!  We have books in three areas in our classroom…bookshelves, book wall and book tub.

The bookshelves are where I keep most of the books I had while in the classroom.  When we are discussing a certain topic or theme the books get moved to the book wall.  The kiddos are able to grab a book off the wall anytime to bring to me to read and some are used with activities I plan.  The book tub is for independent reading time.  Grayson and Kynlee both have books in the tub they can easily read the pictures to.

Homeschool Classroom Favorites

Homeschool Classroom Favorites

Homeschool Favorites - MJCS
There are still SO MANY resources we love to use in our classroom, but these have been some of our favorites this year.  See our homeschool classroom reveal {here} to see what else we enjoy in our learning space!

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