Homework Organization Made Easy

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What are your thoughts on homework? Every year is different for my kids, depending on the teacher they have. For me, homework is important. It helps me as a parent see what they are covering in class. However, as a teacher, it helps me see what my learners can do on their own. When I was in the classroom, I learned that homework works better when it’s organized. Homework organization was a big part of my back to school planning!

Homework the Right Way

There are definitely right and wrong ways to send homework home! The most important advice I give to first year teachers is to avoid sending new material home for homework. Homework material should be easy enough for students to do independently as extra practice.

Read over my Homework Do’s and Don’ts to get a better idea on a good homework system.

Stay Organized

Homework organization is important if you want to be consistent with homework. You may be wondering what I mean by that! How many times do you have students ask “where do I put my homework?” or “where do I turn in my homework?” When you have a consistent procedure with it, things run smoothly and you get more done.

From homework folders to book baggies, you need it all laid out and easy to use for your little learners and parents!

Here is how I set up my homework folders!

I start with a label on the front of the folder with each child’s name.

On the front left inside pocket, I place the monthly homework packet.

My homework helpers go on the inside right pocket. You’ll find your child’s book baggie.

A letter to the parents is included to explain the homework system.

My homework helpers are resources are beginning literacy skills that help students if they need it.

You can get your homework folders set up in no time! To help you with your organization, you can grab these homework organization labels for FREE by clicking the image below!

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