How to Create an Effective Writing Space for Learners

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I can’t wait to dig into Writer’s Workshop with my second graders. My writing space was first on my list of things to plan when I got my classroom. I know writing can be a scary thing to teach little ones. However, if you run a successful Writer’s Workshop, your kids will love writing.

Add ALL the Fun Things!

When you make writing fun, it won’t seem like a chore to your students. Because so many struggle with writing, I chose to make my writing space fun and inviting!

Find a cool pencil for planning. Let your students use fun pens for editing and revising. Make it an area that they beg to go to every day!

I have colored pencils for editing and revising, sticky notes for planning and story starters to help get my students’ brains ready for writing.

This fun pencil light from IKEA is a great way to show my students that the writing center is open!

I don’t have to worry about pencils because this space is perfect to keep our sharpened and dull pencils.

You don’t have to have a special desk for your writing space. In my case, I don’t have that space, so I used this cabinet for our writing space. So far, I’ve had a lot of questions like “When do we get to use that space?!” and “That space makes me ready for writing!”.

Stay Organized!

Writer’s Workshop is a successful program for any grade level! And what I love about it is that all my students work at their own pace. I have these great file boxes for students to keep their work so we don’t lose it! When they are done with one step, they move it to the next file box!

This gives me a chance to monitor and quickly assess where they are at!

If you’re not familiar with Writer’s Workshop, this resource is perfect to get you started!

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