How to Make Class Books

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Adding books to your classroom library that your learners create is a great way to integrate writing and reading in your classroom.  Here is how I bind class books in my room with a stapler and some washi tape.

How to Make Class Books - MJCS-22

How to Make Class Books - MJCS

First, I printed out these Native American books. You can find so many paper books online! Then, I bounded them together the same way I do all of the class books in our library.  To do this,  I stapled the pages of each book together.

How to Make Class Books - MJCS

Next, I put the washi tape on the edge of the book.

How to Make Class Books - MJCS

Then, I flipped the book over and taped the washi tape down on the other side. Washi tape does a great job keeping the book together!

How to Make Class Books - MJCS

Finally, I cut of the ends and the book was all done.

How to Make Class Books - MJCS

Now, we have some books to read for our Native American unit that you can find {here}. You can easily make books from your students’ writing.

How to Make Class Books - MJCS How to Make Class Books - MJCS

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