How to Prompt Early Writers

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Encouraging early writers to create a story is a tough job for any Kindergarten or First grade teacher. Early learners are all at different levels of writers, and a lot of times teachers get the “I don’t know what to write about” statement from many. Having a great writing toolbox in your classroom is key in creating lifelong writers.

A Writing Toolbox?

A writing toolbox isn’t a box full of hammers and nails. It’s the go to tools to help students in the writing process. It can be objects students bring from home. Teachers can bring things from their home. Teachers can show a clip of movie or even the popular shorts. Anything that can spark an idea in learners’ minds to write is so important.

Use a Good Book

There are so many wonderful books out there to help spark writing ideas in students. The easiest way to do this is to find topics that are relatable. I could go on and on with a huge list of books. I recently found one that I absolutely fell in love with. Grandpa Green is a great tool to have in your writing toolbox.

It’s a great story of a little boy who learns the life of his great grandpa as he walks through a garden full of beautiful plants and shrubs.

As he walks through the garden, his head is filled with memories of his great-grandfather. Kids’ memories is the best tool when writing.

Use this book as part of your learner’s writing tool as well. After reading Grandpa Green, have your students spend some time jotting down memories they would like to write about in the future.

You won’t get the “I don’t know what to write about” phrase again with this resource! You can grab this writing resource by clicking the download link below!

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