How to Use Class Dojo in Your Classroom

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When I took this second grade position, I had many things on my to-do list. However, the first item on my list was classroom management ideas. Any teacher would agree that the most important skill in running a class is classroom management. There are so many strategies, but my go-to is Class Dojo!

The Benefits of Class Dojo

Classroom management strategies have changed greatly over the years. In years’ past, you would find pocket charts with color cards, behavior charts with clothes pins, or names on the board. There are studies and opinions on all of these strategies. As an educator, I needed to find something that I knew worked well for my students. What works one year, might not work the next.

Class Dojo is something that works well in my classroom! I love this management system for many reasons:

  • It can be a private reward system. Some teachers post the class points on the screen. Others choose not to.
  • It’s digital! No papers to keep track of!
  • Parents have the choice to check on their child’s progress using the app.
  • The app makes it easy to use anywhere in the classroom-on my phone, my iPad or computer.
  • My students get so excited to see what points they earned each day.

Each of my students have their own tracker in their locker. It helps us both remember to log points at the end of the day!

Preparing My Students

I spent the first few weeks of school discussing and going over my classroom expectations. We, as a class, came up with what our classroom will look like. I love including my class for classroom expectations.

Our classroom contract helped me create the point system for our Class Dojo.

So, your students have points to spend? This is where you sit down with your class to come up with rewards that encourage them! Do students have to spend their points every week? Nope! This system is a great way to teach my students to save up for what they really want.

Maybe you’re just about to start a new school year and need a classroom management program. Or maybe you are into the first few weeks of school and you need a new management program

You can grab my Class Dojo printable set for FREE by clicking the download button below!

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