Interactive Lapbooks for the School Year

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I love using interactive lapbooks in the classroom.  They are fun to create, engaging and can be used throughout the year to review skills taught.  I finally completely my Lapbook Bundle and I am happy to share the lapbooks included with you.

Lapbooks Bundle

Whether you think your learners will enjoy creating all of the lapbooks, if you just want to use a couple lapbooks or you want to add the resources to an interactive notebook you are using, hopefully you will enjoy these lapbooks.  Let’s check them out!

All About Me Lapbook

This lapbook is great to use at the beginning of the school year.  Have your learners complete the lapbook and share with their new classmates to find out what they have in common.  This lapbook can also be added to your classroom library for your learners to enjoy all year.

All About Me Lapbook

Apples Lapbook

An apple unit is the perfect way to introduce your learners to scientific investigation.  Exploring apples together can get a little overwhelming, but adding the resources you work on to a lapbook keeps it organized and available all year.

Apple Theme Lapbook

Seasons Lapbook

If you want a lapbook that stays relevant all year the seasons lapbook is what you need.  You can complete the lapbook in one sitting and refer to it throughout the year or complete each season as it comes.  My favorite part of this lapbook is the dressing for the season sections…the kiddos love it!

Seasons Lapbook

Nursery Rhymes Lapbook

So many nursery rhymes, so little time…not any more!  These lapbook make teaching nursery rhymes so easy in the classroom.  Simple read the nursery rhymes together and add a rhyme at a time to a literacy center for your learners to complete and then create the lapbook together.  Even better, each rhyme has an additional literacy skill that your learners can practice!

Nursery Rhyme Lapbook

Spiders Lapbook

I don’t like spider, but I love this lapbook!  This lapbook is a great resource for your learners during Halloween or to complete during an bug unit where you can compare spider and insects!

Spider Lapbook Science

Pumpkin Lapbook

Apples and pumpkins are two of my favorite units of study to complete with my learners.  Maybe it is the fall weather or just how much the kiddos enjoy exploring these amazing fruits.  This lapbook has everything you need to cover a variety of learning expectations in your pumpkin unit!

Pumpkin Lapbook

Thanksgiving Lapbook

The story of Thanksgiving packs a lot of information for learners to remember.  That is why this lapbook is so great when you are teaching about the Pilgrims, Wampanoag Indians and the Thanksgiving feast.  This allows your learns to sort the information, as well as, compare how we celebrate today.

Thanksgiving Lapbook

New Year’s Lapbook

If you setting goals in your classroom this lapbook is great for you.  Your learners can think about the previous year, record facts about themselves and make resolutions for the new year.

New Years Lapbook

Penguin Lapbook

Who doesn’t love penguins?  They are cute and cuddly and a perfect way to teach life science to your learners.  This lapbook includes a variety of information that will help your learners understand that living things are similar, but also very different!

Penguins Lapbook

America Lapbook

This lapbook is great way to teach and review all things America with your learners.  From national holidays to presidents, this resource can be used throughout the year to help your kiddos know more information about the country they live in.

America Lapbook

Weather Lapbook

The types of weather, severe weather, an interactive weather chart and more are included in this lapbook that will have your learners charting the weather and looking at the sky all year long.

Weather Lapbook

Habitats Lapbook

How do you teach six habitats and have a way for your students to continually review the information…you put it in a lapbook of course!  This lapbook includes a flipchart for 6 different habitats packed with information about it.  Your learners will be able to use the information and any additional resources to do their own animal research, too!

Habitats Lapbook

Plants Lapbook

When spring is in the air have your learners complete this plant lapbook to learn how plants grow in our world and why these plants are important to us.

Plants Lapbook

Bugs Lapbook

I don’t like having bugs around, but it sure is fun to teach about them.  This lapbook includes everything you need to teach a bug unit to your learners.  Don’t worry…bugs are not included!

Bugs and insects Lapbook

Our Earth Lapbook

The final lapbook in the bundle is all about our Earth.  A landform flipchart, recycling resources, book about soil and water sources and more are all included in this lapbook.

Earth Lapbook

Lapbook Bundle

Be sure to check out the Lapbook Bundle in my TpT store and get all of these resources in one download.  You can also shop for individual lapbooks here!

Lapbook Bundle for the School Year - MJCS

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