Interactive Notebooks or Interactive Lapbooks?

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Interactive notebooks have been a must-have resource in elementary classrooms for several years. It’s easy to see why.  As you know, creating a hands on resource that your learners can engage with allows them to continue learning, even after the lesson is taught.

Interactive Notebooks or Lapbooks...Which is better for you classroom?

However, sometimes interactive notebooks can be just too much for some students and teachers.  For example, not all classrooms have the time to devote to notebooks. Some units are more engaging with a craftivity or hands-on activity.  So, what is the solution that has the power of an interactive notebook, but not the commitment to a year of printables?  Interactive Lapbooks!!

Pumpkin Science Lapbook - MJCS

Interactive Lapbooks

After a unit is taught, Lapbooks provide interactive resources for your students.  The resources will focus on a specific theme or unit of study that can be completed in a short period of time. As a result, they will be able to focus on one skill at a time. After the unit is complete, they will have a fun and engaging lapbook.

All that you need is a file folder, printables and you are good to go!  I love to incorporate books as we work on each unit. You can use videos, websites and so much more to supplement each unit.

Pumpkin Science Lapbook - MJCS-6

Planning Interactive Activities

For many early childhood classrooms. it takes a whole day to cut out resources. Maybe not all learners are able to complete an interactive workpage weekly without getting frustrated.

However, using a lapbook allows you to create more hands-on learning experiences.  Your lesson planning will not have to revolve around giving your learners a complete notebook to take home at the end of the school year.  Lapbooks provide activities that best meets the needs of your classroom.

Pumpkin Science Lapbook - MJCS-3

Creating a Lapbook Box

Finally, you will need a place to store your lapbooks.  Organization is a tough concept for many young learners.  Even though the lapbook teaches organization, they need to be taught where to store them.

However, by creating a lapbook box, you can have your learners store their lapbooks in an easy location.  Provide your learners opportunities to grab their lapbooks during science stations or free choice centers time. This is a great time for students to review lessons independently.

Pumpkin Science Lapbook - MJCS-11

What resource would work best in your classroom this year…an interactive notebook or interactive lapbook?  Find both interactive resources on my TpT Store.

Pumpkin Science Lapbook - MJCS-18

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