Engagement with an Interactive Pocket Chart

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Pockets charts are an essential resource for every early childhood classroom.  Some manage classroom helpers, lunch choices or for literacy and math centers.  A pocket chart will help your classroom and learners throughout the school year.

Pocket Chart Center

Most classrooms have a pocket chart center for their learners to explore during their literacy or math block.  And it is easy to understand why. These resources help learners organize the activities at their station, but can be easily stored in a container or cubby when not in use.

Interactive Poems

I have always found the some of my most successful pocket chart activities are my interactive pocket chart poems or chants.  Why, you may ask?

Children have the opportunity to not only learn while using interactive poems on a pocket chart, but they get to be the teacher as well!

Most of the chants and poems that are added to the pocket chart center were once a shared reading activity.  So, when they are putting the poem together and reading it, using a pointer, they get the opportunity to pretend while they learn…

pocket chart + dramatic play = some HAPPY learners/teachers.

Teach to Learn

You will see learners ask their partner (or even their imaginary students) to clap when they read the word “see” or find something in the room that is also yellow.  They are creating learning goals based on their experiences in the classroom…AMAZING!!!

Where Can You Grab Them?

This fall interactive poem is one that you get to try out for free.  You can download the poem by clicking on the MJCS download image at the bottom of this post.  Just enter your information and wait to be redirected to your free resource.

If you (and your learners) thrive on routine, you can find an interactive poem in each of my thematic units.  From week one to the last day of school, your learners can enjoy this pocket chart activity with their friends.  See what themes are included here.

Fall Theme

Just want to focus on fall in your classroom?  Grab the resources in my fall thematic unit to see if they meet the needs of your classroom.

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