Interactive Weather Lapbook

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Teaching a weather unit is so much fun for little learners and adults.  There are so many great weather books and simple experiments that can facilitate a weather unit.  Creating an interactive and lasting way for your learners to explore the weather is a bonus. Of course, this Weather Interactive Science Lapbook is the perfect way of doing that.

Interactive Science Weather Lapbook - MJCS

To create this lapbook all you will need is the lapbook pages, file folder, crayons, glue and a metal brad.

Interactive Science Weather Lapbook - MJCS

Putting the lapbook together during a weather unit is simple and easy.  Start by coloring and gluing the lapbook title front and center. Next, color the cover page on the front.

Interactive Science Weather Lapbook - MJCS

Types of Weather

As you read books, watch videos or explore the weather outside, work together to create the mini-books and glue them onto a wing of the lapbook.

Interactive Science Weather Lapbook - MJCS

Weather Vocabulary

Weather vocabulary is fun to teach and great to have easily available during any weather writing activities. This vocabulary pocket will be great for facilitating any weather writing activities.

Interactive Science Weather Lapbook - MJCS

My favorite part of the lapbook is the easy to use weather chart.  Weather, wind and temperature are the focus and this section allows your learners to manipulate the chart ANYTIME the weather changes.  I would recommend that this page be printed on cardstock and in color for a longer lasting resource for your learners.

Interactive Science Weather Lapbook - MJCS

Weather Chart

To create the type of weather section all you need to so is cut out the 2 arrows (or one depending on what you prefer) and poke a hole through the end of the arrow and the center of the circle to attach the metal brad.  Now your learners are able to manipulate the chart easily.

Interactive Science Weather Lapbook - MJCS


The wind is always changing and is so important when it comes to observing how and when the weather is changing.  Creating this wind gauge is simple and easy.  Just cut the wind slip, fold the end in and glue onto the weather chart.  After the glue dries, add a paperclip and move it as the wind gets weaker or stronger.

Interactive Science Weather Lapbook - MJCS


The final interactive section of the weather chart is the thermometer.  To create this thermometer. Cut two slits on the dotted lines provided (it is easiest to fold the thermometer slight and make a small cut).  Then you can easily insert the strip into the slits and slide the temperature gauge up and down as it changes.

Interactive Science Weather Lapbook - MJCS


A weather unit without teaching about clouds just doesn’t work.  Clouds are important in predicting the weather because different types of clouds create different types of weather.  After reading books about clouds and exploring the clouds outside with the cloud viewer from my weather unit you learners can match each cloud description to the correct type of cloud.

Interactive Science Weather Lapbook - MJCS-14
Interactive Science Weather Lapbook - MJCS
Interactive Science Weather Lapbook - MJCS


To finish out the unit have your learners explore how meteorologists are so important to help us know what to expect with the weather.  A great way to learn about weather forecasting is by contacting you local news stations to see if a meteorologist would be will or able to come read to your class or grade level or even Skype with them to explain their job responsibilities.  Then have your learners draw and write about a day in the life of a meteorologist.

Interactive Science Weather Lapbook - MJCS

And you’re done!  Your little learners have created a resource that can be used to chart and review weather for longer than just your unit of study.  Grab this weather lapbook in my store for your little meteorologists!

Interactive Science Weather Lapbook - MJCS

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