Is Crafting the Same as Teaching Art?

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You are bound to have crayons, paper, play dough and maybe even an art set in your home or classroom?  Of course you do!  You have little learners who are eager to learn! With these supplies, they create so many fantastic pieces. However, are you truly teaching art to your child?

This post contains affiliate links.

This post contains affiliate links.

The answer, in my opinion, is yes and no. When you provide your learners with materials that help the express themselves, creatively allows them to explore the world of art. But, there is much more to art than just a few cute crafts you can find on Pinterest.

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Provide the Materials They Need

If you are teaching your learners to read, you probably wouldn’t just hand them a book. You wouldn’t expect them to read it.  Sure, that is a great strategy to teach independent reading.  However, your learners will need to be introduced to new skills.  Phonics, reading strategies and sounding words out don’t just happen overnight. Also, they need to develop these skills in order to become a successful reader.

The same applies to teaching art.  You can provide your child with the materials they need. Give them ideas of what to create, but they still need to be introduced to skills,.  For example, introduce different techniques and vocabulary.  Also, they will learn the true knowledge of art through Art History.

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Who Is the Best Fit?

I understand the importance of providing my learners with a well-rounded art education, but when it comes to teaching them all the art concepts and principles a classroom teacher might not be the best fit.  Sure I can draw a stick figure and even a tree, but I know that my learners need more than what I can provide for them to truly develop as artists.

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If you are homeschooling or art education is not being incorporated into your classroom, you might have the same feelings I do.  You long to provide your learners with art lessons that are more than just creating a craftivity or directed drawing, but don’t know how.

Sure, you could do a ton of research, take a continuing education class or bring in an art teacher once a week. But with all of your other responsibilities…do you really have the time or energy?  Probably not.

This is where many educators let art take a backseat to other subject areas.  There is not enough time, and many teachers don’t have the skills or resources to provide their learners with a well-rounded art curriculum.

Not anymore!

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Home Art Studio

I recently introduced a new art curriculum called, Home Art Studio to my son.  This curriculum includes projects that model techniques famous artists used along with exploring a variety of materials to express art. I’m excited to know it will provide my learner with the foundation in art education that I want for him to develop.

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All I have to do is put in a DVD, grab the materials and let my son create with Ms. Volin.  I know that he is learning important art concepts and principles while expressing himself creatively.  He is learning to use new materials and being introduced to new skills that are age-appropriate.

My son is growing as an artist and looks forward to his next art lesson.  He doesn’t feel the pressure to create a perfect project and knows how to pause the DVD if he needs a little more time.  Even better, he asks to create new projects based on the skills he is learning during his art lessons.

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With one art lesson a week, he is growing as an artist and developing a love for art.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to provide my learner with an art education that will allow him to appreciate art, as well as, grow in his ability to create art.

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I want to provide you and your learners with the opportunity to learn the art concepts and principles that Home Art Studio provides with a chance to WIN the Home Art Studio program!

Simply enter the GIVEAWAY below and visit Home Art Studio’s website for more information. You can also find Ms. Volin’s Sunflower lesson and many more lessons for FREE here!

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