Steps to Completion-How to Stay on Task

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How many times do you have to repeat instructions to your students on a daily basis?  We, as teachers, spend more time than we need to repeating instructions and it definitely takes up important instruction time.  How can we help our students stay on task?

Giving directions for every assignment can seem like a monotonous task throughout the school year.  Color, cut, glue…write your name first…answer the questions then color…and then the hands go up and they ask…”What do I do next?”  It’s frustrating.  You can’t waste anymore time in class repeating instructions.  What do you do?

Steps to Completion Chart

When I was in the classroom, I experienced the same scenario above.  I experienced it way too many times, and I knew I had to create something to make my life easier!

This is when my Steps to Completion Chart was born.  This chart was front and center in my classroom. The bright colors, pictures and words made it easy to use for all of my students, no matter their reading level.  My students knew where it was and how to use it immediately.  Man, it sure made my life easier!

It’s simple to put it together:

Print, laminate and attach magnet tape.  DONE!!! It’s simple and can be put together in just a few minutes!

Now place your chart in a location where all your learners can easily see the steps they need to complete their assignment correctly, neatly and completely!

You can easily change the cards to accommodate your needs and direct your learners to the chart when they ask “What do I do next?”



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