Leprechaun Digital Activities for Little Learners

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I think St. Patrick’s Day activities get pushed to side way too much! March is a crazy time of the year. Spring Break, assessments, and the beginning of end of the year busyness. But you’re missing a great theme unit if you haven’t done it in the past. I like to focus on science activities during this time. Rainbows and light are a kindergarten and first grade standard, so why not! These leprechaun digital activities are a perfect addition to your Lucky Rainbow unit!

New to Digital Assignments?

No worries! This free resource is compatible with Google Slides™ and Seesaw™. Both platforms are a great option. Most districts will decide what platform they recommend, so I offered these resources for both. 

If you’re new to Google Slides™, you can read more from the post below:

These simple steps will get you set up in no time!

If you’re new to Seesaw™, you can head over to their website and find out how to assign activities to your class!

Leprechaun Read and Match

A big part of reading comprehension in kindergarten and first grade is creating mental images while reading. It’s a tough skill, and it’s the beginnings of basic comprehension. While sentences are very basic, students are to match the corresponding picture with each given sentence in these leprechaun digital activities.

This simple practice will lead to huge steps in the reading process. Working on creating mental images early will help build lifelong readers in the future.

A Little Leprechaun Sorting

Did you ever think that kindergarteners would learn DATA ANALYSIS? It might sound intimidating, but it’s not. It’s simple data analysis, but man, the vocabulary seems a little scary!

Kindergarten and first grade students are to learn the importance of collecting, sorting and organizing data into graphs. The data is given to them in this digital activity. However, your learners will learn to sort and graph that information. This activity will be a great introduction as to why we use graphs!

To grab this free resource, just click the download button below!

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