Let’s Make Rainbows

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What are your thoughts when you hear the word ‘experiment‘? Do you sigh heavily? Do you become exhausted with thoughts of messes and the clean up? Or do you get all excited and can’t wait to plan it? I sure hope it’s the latter, because hands on learning has so many wonderful benefits. And there’s no doubt they will learn so much with this easy experiment. They will love it when you say “Let’s Make Rainbows”!

The Benefits of Hands On Learning

If you’ve been in the classroom, even just for a short time, you know how important this is. Hands on learning brings so much to the table for our children.

It helps them understand the world around them. What we can’t see makes us more intrigued. Find a way to bring that curiosity to your classroom. It will open a door of learning that they will never experience just from reading or listening.

Hands on learning creates engaged learners. They more they learn, the more they want to know more. In these days of teaching, it’s so hard to keep students engaged. But the more you bring hands on learning to your classroom, the more they will stay engaged.

Keep It Simple

Again, some of you might sigh when you think of planning experiments. If you make it simple, you’ll have just as much fun as the kids! Find experiments with simple supplies, preferably supplies you already keep in your classroom.

My ‘Let’s Make Rainbows’ experiment does just that. It’s a simple experiment that gains huge benefits.

All you need:

  • a bowl
  • mirrors
  • white paper

The steps are so simple, that your students can go home and show their parents what they learned that day.

To grab this FREE experiment printable along with the step cards, click the download button at the bottom!

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