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Little Miss is about to enter the Four Year Old Class at her school.  Where has the time gone?  This summer is the perfect time to get a head start on some of the things she will be learning this next year.  So, I pulled out my Alphabet Flipbooks!

Multiple Skills

What makes this flipbook so great and practical is that there are multiple skills.  These skills are age appropriate.

Letter Recognition

To help review or introduce letter recognition, I’ve included both upper and lower case letters.  Your child can color the letters to help with pencil grip, and they are able to associate pictures with the letters.


By the age of four, I like to teach letter tracing. It’s a skill that doesn’t hurt to touch on at this age.  Of course, Little Miss wants to do rainbow writing.  It’s probably her favorite thing to do!  We also like to review our colors, and she’s at the point of identifying more advanced colors.

Initial Sounds

Again, we are past the point of just identifying letters.  We are ready to see some words and pictures that start with the initial sound.  Again, the pictures are perfect for coloring.  This is a great opportunity to work on coloring in the lines!

Cutting and Stapling

This is a BIG skill, and they will feel like a big kid after they do it!  Of course, with any pair of scissors or stapler, there needs to be adult supervision.  Don’t get upset if your little one shows frustration with these two skills.  What’s great about these flip books is that the lines are straight.  Not crazy cutting.  It’s a simple practice.  Once the pictures are colored, your little one can cut out each picture.  Then, they can use the stapler (with your help, of course) and staple their book together.

After completing the book, have the learners add the flipbook to their book box for independent practice or read the book to you or to a friend.

A Sneak Peek

My Alphabet Flipbook pack includes all twenty six letters, but you can try it out for FREE!  Grab my Letter Aa Flipbook by clicking on the download button down below!

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A great tool to have at your teacher table, my Alphabet Flipcharts are a good visual for letter recognition and initial sounds!
I don’t know about your kids, but my kids LOVE the Dot markers! And these alphabet printables are perfect for those fun markers!
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