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Small group instruction will always be the best way to teach your students. As long as I am in the classroom, you’ll find me teaching to small groups. The first few weeks of kindergarten is full of routines, however, I jump into small groups as fast as I can! I start with letter recognition in small groups as my first round to see what my learners know!

When I taught kindergarten, I wanted to have a variety of alphabet resources to use. In my Now I Know My ABC’s bundle, I have small group activities, literacy center activities as well as take home activities for learner to show off what they know.

These alphabet activities for small groups are a great way to monitor your student learning and assess them without the nervousness of a test!

Alphabet Manipulatives

These easy to prep manipulatives can be used in so many ways! Simply glue popsicle sticks or felt to the back of each laminated pictures. Use them to introduce beginning sounds when focusing on the letter of the week. Each picture is labeled so your learners can associate words to pictures.

Alphabet Emergent Readers

This is my favorite resource to use in small groups. Within the resource, you get three different levels of readers. Use the Level 1 are for early emergent readers who are beginning their reading journey. Bring those manipulatives out when you use these! It’s a great way to tie in two resources together.

Level 2 and 3 readers are for your emergent readers who are familiar with letter sounds and can comprehend what they read. Start with level 2 and move up to level 3 when they show they are ready!

Alphabet Poems

If you’re working in small groups, it’s a given that reading is the main focus. This resource pack includes a ton of printables to use for various goals. I start out by introducing our weekly alphabet poem–based on the letter of the week. A black and white version is included that you can use for take home practice. A pocket chart poem is also included if you want to make the reading more interactive!

Alphabet Letter Identifcation

If you’re familiar with meeting in small groups, the first few minutes is a lot like what the rest of the class does–they forget their supplies or take a little longer than others to get where they need to be. This is a great way to have your students work on something while you’re waiting or setting up your lesson. It should take about 2-3 minutes to complete and you can use that secretly for an assessment!

There are a TON of alphabet resources in my Now I Know My ABC’s pack that you can use for various reasons! Be creative and get your learners excited about their first step in reading!

Check out the resources included in this post for quick access!

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