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How often do you send take home work with your students? Homework is a hot topic these past few years, but if you do it right it has great benefits! These take home activities for letter recognition are perfect for your Pre-K and Kindergarten learners!

Before digging into these activities, I know that take home work isn’t for every student. Anything I send home is just for practice. I never take it as a grade or count it against them on report cards. I send home activities for my students to show off their new knowledge. Because you know that ALL little learners love showing off anything new!

Alphabet Flipbooks

This is a great take home activity to work on several things. If your student needs extra help with coloring skills, send this home to color the pictures. However, the main focus of this activity is for letter recognition and beginning sounds. This activity also focuses on the relationship between words and pictures, which is an important skill to have for reading comprehension!

Color by Letter

This is another activity that serves multiple purposes. Coloring is a big skill in Pre-K and Kindergarten that focuses on fine motor skills. However, this activity is also a good practice for letter recognition between upper and lower case letters.

Dictionary Words

No dictionaries needed for this one! This activity gives your learners the opportunity to think of words that start with the assigned letter. They draw a picture of that word and label it! Challenge your higher students by putting them in alphabetical order!

Initial Sounds

One of these does not belong! Have your students complete the activity and figure out what picture doesn’t belong. A great way to practice initial sounds as well as coloring, cutting and gluing skills.

Alphabet Poems

These poems are an easy way for your students to show off their reading skills to anyone at home! Print them on colored paper or let your students color the pictures. By the time your students get to the end of the alphabet, they will have their own poetry book that they can go back to any time!

Letter Sorting

Upper and lower case letters can be tricky for little learners who are learning letter recognition. This is another great activity of letter recognition take home activities that are included in my Now I Know My ABC’s Bundle! Your students will cut out each letter and sort them based on upper and lower case letters!

These are great activities to send home, especially if you have a parent that asks for a little more practice at home! Provide your learners a chance to show off what they are learning with these letter recognition take home activities!

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